Weather Aware Weekend

Be weather aware Sunday.

Saturday has already been a deadly day for tornadoes. This same system moves our way with the first round of rain/storms arriving early on Sunday, and more redevelopment in the afternoon as the cold front moves through. The Storm Prediction Center has placed the majority of the viewing area in an "Enhanced" risk which is a 3 out of 5. Our main threat is damaging winds, but ALL modes of severe weather can't be ruled out.

Here's the latest.


  • Watching storms all night in MS/AL. They are expected to arrive around sunrise to just after for most. However, some could see them even earlier, especially along the Plateau & NE AL. (Note the timing on the maps provided).
    Majority of viewing area will have storms from 6am-9am.

  • Round 2. Storms could redevelop in the early afternoon and last into the evening, especially east of I-75. Right now, the timing is between 1pm to 6pm. This next line is a "wait and see" type as if we see sunshine after the first round of rain, then storms are more likely. If we stay cloudy, we might be okay. I would still prepare.


  • Damaging winds are the biggest threat. The first line should be well organized and straight line winds are the likely scenario. With these storms, there is a high end risk of winds over 40/50mph, but could certainly be higher.
  • Isolated tornadoes can't be ruled out. But it only takes one.
  • Heavy rain, horrendous traffic trying to get to early services.
  • For the 2nd round, damaging winds again a big threat. However IF storms become severe, there is a slightly higher risk of isolated tornadoes if supercells develop, versus a line of storms.
  • Storms should be gone by late afternoon and evening.
  • Trees down, power outages, and damage is possible.
  • MUCH cooler Monday AM with lows in the 40s.


  • These storms will produce heavy rain, but should move through pretty quick. Most will likely see up to 1".
  • Flash flooding possible, but not a huge risk at the moment.


  • Make sure you have a way to get warnings. Don't rely on sirens. Ever. Have a weather radio turned on, a weather app up, and TV on.
  • Know where to go if a warning is issued.
  • While a "tornado outbreak" is NOT expected, I don't want damaging winds to catch you off guard. Many will sleep in on Sunday AM.
  • Its Palm Sunday, many will be heading to church. Check situation first. Hopefully the church has a plan just in case.
  • Secure loose objects so they don't become projectiles.
  • Be ready. Hopefully nothing happens. But don't prepare for nothing, and then be surprised.


Is this a 2011? But one tornado, one tree on a house, one injury can change a life. We are busy on a Sunday, many will be sleeping in. Many will have other things on their minds. Lets just prepare, have a way to be informed and we should make it through fine. Trust me, I hope it weakens.

As always, we will be here. Online, on air, on social media. The entire team is watching close.

Brian Smith


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