Tracking possible snow on New Year's Eve

GFS model with light snow in the afternoon, more to the south.

The big story next few days will be the continued cold. Especially on this Wednesday night with lows in the low 20s. But all eyes on this weekend.

All along we have mentioned that one model we use, the GFS model, has been persistent with forecasting snow in our area on Sunday. Now recently this same model has backed of the amounts, but still suggesting it.
The usually more reliable EURO model has been bone dry...until today. Early this afternoon this model flipped leaning more towards the GFS model.

Both models in the pictures as of Wednesday afternoon.

Now we all know this can and will change, however with the cold, frigid air, and NYE plans, both travel and parties, we must not let our guards down.
REMEMBER, forecast change, but but social media post don't always. Make sure you are keeping up with the FRESHEST, NEWEST information.

That being said:


  • -There is a potential for wintry weather. Likely ALL snow with Sunday temps in the low to mid 30s. And breezy.
  • -Very cold air with lows in the low 20s/teens Monday AM.
  • -Even light amounts combined with frigid temps will lead to dangerous travel.
  • -Very cold, and possibly BELOW Freezing for 2-4 days straight. Coldest since Feb 2015.


  • -How much snow will fall. While projected light right now, could change to more or nothing.
  • -The exact timing of when snow will arrive or end. Trends project Sunday PM, but could change.
  • -Who will see the most or the exact track of the system. A few miles will make a difference-no skill this far out

As mentioned this could and likely will change. We could see more...we could see nothing. But light amounts and the coldest air in years can still make for dangerous travel.

As always the StormTrack9 Team will watch it closely both online, on social media and on air.

-Brian Smith

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