PM Update: Threat of severe storms winding down in our viewing area Monday night


The threat of severe weather has passed our viewing area Monday night. Watch David Glenn's 7-Day forecast below:

Georgia Power's outage map showed that more than 600 were without power in Dade County after the storms Monday night. Crews worked quickly and reduced that number to around 300.

James Torrez was LIVE in Dade County to show some of the aftermath of the storm.

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Area shelters open Monday as severe weather approaches

Marion County schools dismiss early Monday due to severe weather

Update (8:10pm - 10:00pm):

Update (7:30pm):

Update (6pm):

Portions of our area, (SW of Chattanooga) have been upgraded to a Moderate Risk for storms. This means in the areas shaded in red (pictured) there is an even better chance of severe storms. Possibly longer lived severe storms and more numerous.

Due to the way the wind structure is, some storms could rotate, meaning there is a potential of isolated tornadoes. The threat does exist area wide, but lessons a bit the further east of I-75 you go.

The main line will impact Chattanooga/Cleveland/NW GA around 7-9pm.

We will need to watch closely any storms that develop ahead of the main line. These individual storms have the greatest chance of any tornadoes, winds and large hail over golf ball size. Especially in NE AL and NW GA.

As the "main line" moves through around and after sunset, large hail, damaging winds are a bigger threat, however still can't rule out an isolated spin up.


  • Showers and a few breaks in clouds till 4/5pm
  • Scattered storms will develop in N AL/Plateau after 5pm and quickly move NE and could quickly become strong. These individual storms could rotate, and be our strongest storms.
  • Scattered storms could develop in NW GA closer to 6-7pm. Same as above, but watching. Less of a chance east of I-75 (as of now).
  • At the same time as above, a line of storms will develop along a cold from west of the Plateau. This line will push east. Likely along Plateau 5-7, Chattanooga Area/NW GA 7-9, East of I-75 after 9pm. Strong winds biggest threat.
  • Rain/storms done by Midnight.


  • I expect a tornado watch by early to mid afternoon.
  • Ahead of the main line is where the greatest chance of all modes of severe weather. Including strong winds, hail, and isolated tornadoes.
  • The further north of Chattanooga and east of I-75, the tornado threat is less. If anything, the greatest risk of spin ups might be over NE AL/NW GA.
  • As the "line" of storms moves through closer to sunset, damaging winds will be the biggest threat.
  • Flash flooding due to heavy rain possible, but not expected a prolong flooding threat.
  • Any storm could have hail, some of it could be large, up to golf ball size.


  • Showers are likely, breezy and cooler on Tuesday. Highs early in the upper 50s, but fall to the 40s late. Can't rule out an isolated storm or too. Some could even have small hail with them.
  • Lingering showers Tuesday night could turn to a wintry mix or even some flurries and snow showers. These could last in to early Wednesday. At the moment, no real accumulation expected due to above freezing temps. If anything, slushy accumulations along the Plateau and mountaintops. Highs in the 40s on Wednesdays.

Bottom Line:

We are right on the edge of very unstable air. There is a "chance" we may stay just north of the storms, but we need to be prepared, watch the radar the app. Best to check back often as you head home from work, out to the ball field or any traveling you do.

The entire team will montior the weather all day. Check back here, on facebook (newschannel nine) or follow on twiiter (@StormTrackBrian, @StormTrack9Dave, @StormTrack9Bill)


Depend on us to keep you posted. More on the forecast below:

The StormTrack 9 team is watching our chance for severe storms Monday afternoon into Monday night. Tornadoes are not ruled out for these storms.

To read an updated blog post from Senior Meteorologist Bill Race click here.

According to the National Weather Service, a storm system will move across the Southern Appalachian region on Monday with strong southerly winds pulling warm, moist and unstable air into the Tennessee Valley. A line of thunderstorms will develop and move into southeast Tennessee. Some of these storms could become severe with the main threat being tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail.

There is a potential of a significant outbreak of severe storms late Monday across the southern Plateau and southeast Tennessee.

Stay weather aware by downloading the StormTrack 9 weather app.

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