Tracking weekend winter weather chances


**New model information slows the storm some, but overall thinking is about the same. Meaning some of the snow/mix could linger a bit after sunrise on Sunday. **

We continue to watch the possibility of some wintry precipitation for Saturday Night through Sunday Morning. As I mentioned in the previous post, yes, Sunday is the 24th anniversary of the 1993 Superstorm. However, this system we are watching is not like that one. But, it is one that bears watching because it could produce several hours of accumulating snowfall for parts of our viewing area.

An area of low pressure will slide by to our south Saturday Night. At the same time the system will pull in much colder air from the north. The air aloft should chill rapidly. So, what could begin as rain Saturday night, could quickly transition to a mix of rain and snow, then mainly snow. The switch to snow possibly occurring first over the northern half of the viewing area and mountains. Then transition to the southern half later. Surface temperatures will eventually chill to between 32-34 during the night (near 30 north and mountains). Snow showers and mix should end quickly Sunday Morning. So, mainly this is a Saturday Night - Sunday Morning event.


A preliminary snowfall estimate is posted, however as we all know, is subject to change.
I could see a swath of 1-2" somewhere along the main band, but over all a minor, slushy event. The amount of accumulation is tough to call because the ground is warm, so melting initially. But, some accumulation could resume shortly after during the night as surface temperatures chill. There could even be some bursts of moderate snowfall which could accumulate quickly, especially the northern half of our viewing area. In the past, systems like this have produced several inches of accumulation. Roadways mainly wet, but where the accumulation occurs first and longer duration, the roads could become slushy. Again, the more favorable part of the viewing area for accumulating snow could be the northern half, with lesser amounts southern half.

Bottom Line:

There is still a lot to watch with this system and things could still change. We'll be able to more fine tune possible accumulation amounts through Sat. While not a long lasting system, it could cause some excitement while it moves through and impact travel through Sunday Morning. Temperatures by Sunday Afternoon will be chilly in the mid 40s, but "warm" enough for melting.

You can depend on the StormTrack 9 Team for updates!

David Glenn/Brian Smith

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