Colder each day & keep an eye to our south

Thursday Temps.png

This colder weather pattern is just getting started. Afternoon highs could be even colder by Friday and even some wintry weather just to our south and east.


We won't be "warming up" for a while as temperatures should remain well below normal right through next week. Thursday should begin with temperatures in the low 30s, then only reach the mid/upper 40s under a cloudy sky (and a few peeks of sun). Another blast of cold air arrives Thursday Night and Friday. So, Friday should be even colder with morning temperatures locally in the 20s, then only near 40 by the afternoon. Many areas away from the city and at higher elevations could stay in the 30s for most of the day.

This chill continues into the weekend with daily highs again only in the 40s and breezy. Morning lows mainly in the 20s. We might get back to near 50 by Monday, but that is it for any warming trend as another blast of cold air arrives at our doorstep next Tuesday and into Wednesday. This means daily highs could drop to the lower 40s later Tuesday and Wednesday. And, morning lows in the 20s.

As stated above, this below average trend could continue through at least mid month.


The combination of this next round of cold air arriving late Thursday and Friday along with some overrunning Gulf moisture could result in a narrow band of wintry precipitation just to the south and east of our viewing area. "If" the European Model is correct, then that narrow wintry zone could be around the Atlanta metro area. Locally, this could mean some flurries south and eastern sections, but other than that, any wintry problems staying well to our south and east. But, that model scenario could have some travel concerns along the I-20 corridor (Birmingham to Atlanta).

Our RPM model shows that possible wintry weather in an even narrower swath and much farther south. So, that would scenario could not cause too many travel issues. As always, we will be watching the overall pattern develop and of course model data will change a bit. For now, it's mainly a concern just outside our viewing area. But, we'll be watching this closely, especially for areas from Calhoun, GA - Ellijay - Murphy/Hayesville, NC and south for Friday.


A weekend clipper system keeps us cold and could provide a few flurries or patchy light snow up around I-40 (Crossville) and toward the Smokies. But, at this time, not other problems locally through Saturday Night.

Another in a series of clipper system could roll our way for next Tuesday and Wednesday. As mentioned above, that means more cold air and could even produce some flurries or patchy mountain light snow. But, this pattern still does not appear to produce anything significant......just plain old cold!

As always, the StormTrack 9 Team will keep you updated on the system for Friday and the cold pattern for the days ahead!

David Glenn

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