A cold start to the weekend

Friday Afternoon Temps

The 60s made a brief appearance Thursday to kickoff February. But, colder air has quickly returned for a chilly start to the weekend


January 2018 in Chattanooga was both drier and colder than average. It was the 3rd driest January on record with only 1.17" of precipitation. This is 3.74" below average and now over 5" below average for the Winter season. The average temperature was 36.7 degrees which was 3.8 degrees below average. For the Winter season so far, the average Chattanooga temperature is around 3.5 degrees below average. January 2018 was the coldest of the past 4 January's. In fact, much colder than January 2017 when the average temperature was 49.2 degrees. The coldest morning of January 2018 was 8 degrees on the 17th. The warmest temperature was 69 degrees just 4 days later on the 21st. Only 0.3" of snow was received officially at Lovell Field bringing the seasonal total for Winter up to just 0.8"


The high temperature on Thursday was 62 degree in Chattanooga. So, Friday may be a shock to the system as Winter returns! Morning temperatures should be in the mid 20s for most locally. The brisk wind from the northwest should provide a Wind Chill in the 10s and single digits. There could also be some Black Ice in spots from the overnight rain that may not have dried up on some secondary roads. Expect sunshine most of the day, but temperatures will struggle to get out of the 30s. Temperatures Friday Night should dip to between the upper 10s to lower 20s by early Saturday Morning.


After a very cold start to the weekend Saturday Morning, expect some early day sun, then a rapid increase in cloud cover for the remainder of the day. Afternoon high temperatures should again remain below average only topping out in the mid 40s. Cloudy with steady temperatures Saturday Evening before some rain moves in overnight. That rain could begin as a wintry mix along the Plateau and Blue Ridge Mtn portion of our viewing area. But, we'll be closely watching the radar and thermometer for all of our viewing area as the early round of light rain moves in for any mixing possible. The StormTrack 9 Team will be watching this carefully, so stay tuned for updates!


Cloudy with periods of rain most of the day Sunday. The wettest period during the morning through midday, then possibly tapering off from west to east as early as the afternoon hours. As mentioned above, we will be keeping an eye on any possibility of "mixing" early on. Otherwise, expect temperatures at most valley locations to reach the 40s through Sunday Afternoon. Above freezing as well at higher elevations with upper 30s. Drier Sunday Night through Monday Morning with overnight low temperatures in the low/mid 30s.

As always, you can depend on the StormTrack 9 Team for updates!

David Glenn

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