Throwback: Calvin goes 'Top Gun'

Calvin reached just over 4 G's during his flight.

Who hasn't heard of Tom Cruise, zipping around in his fighter jet, showing us all why he's "Top Gun."

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of hunting the bad guys in the air, with the heavens as a backdrop?

Instead of bullets, we're using modern laser beams.

Sky Warriors at the Fulton County Airport near Atlanta gives you the opportunity to fly in combat, in authentic Beechcraft T-34 A's from the early 1950's.

Oh, did I mention the G-force that you're pulling when you chasing another aircraft?

Fight's on..

Footnote: 3 years after we utilized Sky Warriors for our Kill Calvin segment, two experienced licensed airline pilots were killed near Rydall, GA when one of the T-34 A aircraft they were piloting, lost a wing during flight and crashed into the ground. The resulting investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board made recommendations for operators to inspect all planes of this type for possible wing separation possibilities during flight, make wing inspections routine, and also lower the maximum G-force permissible during flight (I reached just over 4 G's during our flight). The NTSB recommendations are here (PDF).

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