Throwback: Calvin goes to Space Camp

Calvin Sneed went to Space Camp in Huntsville as part of his 1993 series, "Calvin's Consumer Guide to Grown-Up Fun."

It's like going to the moon without leaving the earth.

It's experiencing weightlessness without being on the space shuttle.

It's having wild and crazy fun with your buddies and your parents are nowhere around.

That's the fun of Space Camp, sponsored by the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

It's where future scientists, space explorers and mission specialists can perfect their craft and expand their knowledge into the worlds beyond.

No doubt future Captain Kirk's and Mr. Spock's are trained here.

We travel to Huntsville, Alabama and enroll as a junior cadet at Space Camp, to see what engineers on the Third Rock from the Sun, will find in the wild, blue yonder!

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