NewsChannel 9's Calvin Sneed honored at Tennessee Capitol for his retirement

(Image: Calvin Sneed)

NewsChannel 9 legend Calvin Sneed received a great honor at the Tennessee State Capitol Thursday, April 5th.

Representatives JoAnne Favors and Gerald McCormick both spoke very highly of Calvin after his retirement:

"Everybody would call Calvin and they'd call you first and tell you they were going to call Calvin," said Representative Favors. "I don't know why Calvin didn't work for the CIA because he was very, very thorough in what he attempted to do, so thank you very, very much."
"We really do appreciate Calvin Sneed," says Rep. McCormick. "He's done some great things over the years and has always been fair, and we appreciate that certainly in our profession. It's always been a great service, so thank you Calvin for being here today."

Here's what he had to say:

"Thank you all very much. I appreciate the honor, Hamilton County delegation. I see some local delegates who I've also dealt with over the years and uh it's been a blast. I don't know what I've done to deserve this, but I'm not giving it back."

We're very proud of Calvin, and miss him here at NewsChannel 9 every day.

Check out more pictures from Calvin's trip to the Capitol in the gallery above.

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