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Josh Roe

Josh Roe


Josh Roe anchors the 5, 5:30, 6 & 11PM newscasts on NewsChannel 9 and the 10 & 10:30PM Newscast on Fox Chattanooga.

Josh is also NewsChannel 9 & Fox Chattanooga’s primary sports anchor.

He grew up in Tennessee, is a graduate of the University of Tennessee.

Josh enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves in 1991. He graduated from boot camp at Parris Island and The Marine Corps Military Police Academy in 1992.

He was stationed at Naval Air Station Memphis and Naval Air Station Atlanta. While stationed in Atlanta, in 1995, Josh participated in counter drug operations in several Eastern Caribbean Countries. Those operations resulted in eradicating more than $20 billion worth of illegal substances from those countries.

Josh left the Marine Corps Reserves in 1999 to fully focus on his journalism career.

He was a sports journalist for almost a decade in Knoxville, and in Dallas, Texas before switching to news in 2008 in Michigan.

He made the move to Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2013, and started The Price of Freedom, a series of reports on the U.S. Armed Forces, military veterans, and the issues they face. Josh says it’s the most rewarding work of his career.

His more than 2-decade career has taken him from the Super Bowl to covering presidential visits. He has won numerous awards as a news anchor and a photojournalist including being a 4-time recipient of the award for best TV news anchor in Tennessee in Chattanooga's division from the Associated Press and the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters.

The Chattanooga area is his favorite place on earth and he’s happy to call the Tennessee Valley home.