Former CFC GM Sean McDaniel weighs in on Chattanooga's new pro soccer franchise

Sean McDaniel speaks on new Chattanooga pro soccer franchise (Image: WTVC)

The President and GM of the new local pro soccer franchise says it's a busy time, but things are moving along smoothly.

Sean McDaniel says the new Chattanooga franchise in USL D3 is set to begin play in 2019. As to where the new team will play, McDaniel says the franchise looks forward to working with the group that runs Finley Stadium. Finley Stadium is the home of the Chattanooga Mocs, as well as the Chattanooga Football Club. McDaniel was the President and GM of CFC since its inception back in 2009. He resigned earlier this summer to take the open position with the new pro franchise.

In talking with Newschannel9 Sports Director Dave Staley, McDaniel said he understands the passion of soccer fans. He says there is still a lot of room for soccer to grow in the Scenic City area. And he wants the new pro team to be involved in all aspects of the community.

Currently, the new franchise is asking fans for their help in determining a nickname for the team. For more information, head to

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