Mocs are keeping their heads up despite record

The Chattanooga Mocs say they still have a lot to play for despite a 1-7 record.

The Chattanooga Mocs football team faces the tall order of trying to upset number eight Samford on the road Saturday afternoon.

The Mocs stand at 1-7 and will finish with a losing record this season.

There will be no playoffs.

But no one on this team is hanging their head or giving up.

The coach and players say there's still a lot to play for.

Coach Tom Arth said besting the Bulldogs would mean a great deal for his team. "Nobody's going to give you anything. You gotta go out and earn it. That's a fact. We need to do that this Saturday. We need to go out and we need to earn it every play," Arth said.

Against The Citadel, the Mocs came very close to winning in the closing seconds.

Coach Arth saw drastic improvements with the offensive line.

Former Ridgeland star Darrell Bridges finished with 149 yards and two touchdowns. Bridges takes pride in playing for the Mocs. "I'm playing for Chattanooga. That's why I came home. I definitely came home to wear a "C" on my helmet and wear "Chattanooga" across my chest. And that'll still be the same thing week in and week out and play for my brothers that's next to me. I don't see nobody quitting," Bridges noted.

Kickoff is set for 3:00PM and will be broadcast on ESPN3.

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