Whitfield County officers respond to call of 7-foot snake "hunting" homeowners' dog

Deputy Cory Spence holding a 7-foot boa constrictor found in a Whitfield County yard (Image: Whitfield Co. Sheriff's Office)

The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office received a call on April 3rd about a 7-foot boa constrictor snake in a yard.

The owners of a home on Cedar Ridge Road told officers they were afraid the snake was searching for food and "hunting" their chihuahua.

After deputies arrived and found the snake, Deputy Cory Spence was called.

Deputy Spence has experience in handling snakes and reptiles.

He arrived on the scene from the Detention Center and immediately took the snake into custody.

Deputy Spence turned the snake over to Sargent Kory Bain, who found the snake a home in a Chatsworth refuge.

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