TWRA: Heavy rains, high water create dangerous situation on lakes

The TWRA says to be on the lookout for debris on the water (Image: TWRA).

Recent, heavy rains are creating some dangers on the water.

Water levels are higher than normal and its causing concerns for people who live along lakes and rivers.

Over the weekend, an accident in the spillwaters near Fort Loudound Dam killed one person and injured two others.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says right now it's dangerous to be out on a boat.

The heavy rain and high water has pushed a lot of debris into the lake.

Barry Baird, a boating officer for TWRA says before you go out, make sure you make a safety plan.

"Boating safety starts at home," Baird said. "So when you're at home, prepare for that. Know what the current weather conditions are going to be for the day that you're going to be out and when you go out have a proper lookout because when you're on plane, which means the boat is moving at a high speed, you could hit a log and we have had boats turn over that have got the log caught up in the motor or knocked a hole in the hole and sunk the boat."

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