Tennessee's 'Elk Cam' goes live

The elk restoration project and home of the new live "Elk Cam" includes 670,000 acres in Scott, Morgan, Campbell, Anderson and Claiborne counties, with the center of the zone being the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area. (Photo: Richard Simms)

With a click of the mouse you can now view wild elk roaming the mountains of the Cumberland Plateau. A live "Elk Cam" has been activated by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Many Tennesseans are unaware that the state has elk. It’s not a huge population, but it is healthy and thriving in a hilly and remote area of the Cumberland Plateau. The once-native elk were restored to Tennessee’s North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area north of Knoxville beginning in the year 2000. Hunters are allowed to take a limited number of bull elk each year. However a portion of the management area called Hatfield Knob is set aside as a refuge with no hunting allowed.

TWRA built an observation tower at Hatfield Knob years ago and thousands of visitors go there each year.

There is no better place to view wild elk than Hatfield Knob. Now they have added live streaming video.

TWRA spokesperson Doug Markham said, "We know, however, that not everyone can get to Campbell County, so today we proudly announce that we have added an “Elk Cam” to our website. We expect cameo appearances from deer, turkeys, bears, foxes, coyotes and any number of wild wayfarers, but no doubt the top stars of this live production will be elk."

One catch is that Hatfield Knob doesn't have reliable cell phone service.

Markham said, "We realize that there will be some glitches along the way as we attempt to have a signal sent to our website from a place where cell strength is sometimes imperfect. So please be patient. The Elk Cam is a work in progress, but we just couldn’t wait any longer to share it."

Click here to view the elk cam, or visit the TWRA website. The Elk Cam web page also includes a wealth of information about elk and how they were returned to Tennessee.

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