Tennessee wildlife officials works to keep deadly disease out of state

Cropped Photo: Courtesy: EPA

Tennessee Wildlife Officials are working to keep a deadly deer disease out of the state as its been discovered in surrounding states.

Chronic Wasting Disease is in the family of "rare progressive neurodegenerative disorders that affect both humans and animals."

Right now, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says CWD has been discovered in four bordering states, Missouri, Mississippi, Virginia and Arkansas.

"Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is on the radar right now and there is a big push to keep it out of Tennessee," TWRA spokesman Barry Cross said.

Although there has not been reported infections in people, studies raise concerns the there could be a risk if a person eats meat or comes into contact with body fluids from an infected animal.

In an effort to keep CWD from entering Tennessee, the state has restrictions on importing deer, moose, or elk from states where CWD has been detected.

The TWRA reminds hunters cervid parts brought into Tennessee that are allowed include meat with bones removed, antlers, antlers attached to clean skull plates, or cleaned skulls, cleaned teeth, and finished taxidermy, hides, and tanned products.

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