Rehabilitated broad-winged hawks released into the wild Tuesday

Photo provided by Volkswagen of Chattanooga.

After months of rehabilitation, two broad-winged hawks have begun a new life in the wetlands near the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga on Riverside Drive.

The birds were made whole again by the Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue, located on Signal Mountain.

These are juvenile or second-year birds. Both were likely hit by cars – they tend to go down to roads because of food – roadkill or rodents on sides of roads.

They were picked up from the roadside, with wing injuries and bruising.

They stayed in rehab for about 4-6 weeks, and are ready to return to the wild.

Volkswagen says it was very important to get them out soon, as migration has started. Broad-winged hawks migrate all the way down to South America and spend the winter in Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and even as far as Bolivia.

Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue is dedicated to the rehabilitation of Tennessee’s sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife, with the goal of preventing suffering and successfully returning them to the wild as quickly as possible.

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