High temperatures affect trout stocking

Due to the extended and extreme high temperatures the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says it is being forced to cut back on its trout stocking in several East Tennessee waterways. (TWRA Photo).

The extended high temperatures are impacting trout stockings in East Tennessee, and not in a good way.

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency just announced that due to higher water temperatures and low water levels on many East Tennessee streams, TWRA fisheries staff has made changes or postponed trout stocking efforts.

Trout stocking has been postponed in the Little River (Blount County), the West prong of the Little Pigeon River (Sevier County) and the delayed harvest stocking in the Hiwassee River (Polk County) due to water temperatures above 70 degrees. Green Cove Pond (Monroe County) stocking will also be postponed due to higher water temperatures.

The Tellico River will be stocked for the opening day of Delayed Harvest Season, which is October 1. However due to extremely low water levels, the number of fish initially stocked will be reduced. The Delayed Harvest stocking in the Buffalo Creek (Grainger County) or Paint Creek (Greene County) will take place as scheduled.

Normal stocking efforts will resume when water temperatures and water levels are suitable. Find more information at tnwildlife.org.

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