Errors printed in TWRA hunting guide, corrected version online

Photo by Richard Simms.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has announced that some errors have been found in the printed version of the 2019-20 Tennessee Hunting & Trapping Guide. The following errors have been corrected online:

  • Page 40 - Correct end date for bear archery season (no dogs) is Oct. 25.
  • Page 15 - Traps allowed should read the following: “Cushion-hold traps, laminated jaw traps, off-set wide jaw traps, off-set laminated jaw traps, and wide jaw traps with an outside measure of jaw spread that is 9 inches or less, as measured at the widest point and a minimum jaw thickness of 1/4 inch, may be used for all sets. Double-jaw traps with an outside spread of 9 inches or less of the upper and lower jaw combined and a minimum jaw thickness of 1/4 inch may be used for all sets.
  • Page 49 - The correct date and time for hand-held draws for Shelby Forest are Nov. 9 at 10 a.m.
  • Page 53 - Eagle Lake Refuge-The observation tower is only open during scheduled hunt dates for Meeman Shelby Forest.
  • Page 59 - The correct date for archery hunting at White Oak WMA is Dec. 2.
  • Page 59 - Wolf River WMA is now open to statewide deer seasons so dog training dates are deleted.
  • Page 63 – On Laurel Hill WMA, harvests for the Nov. 8-10 and Nov. 22-24 should be a bonus buck.
  • Page 77 - corrections have been made to the North Cherokee WMA opossum and raccoon season dates. Opossum, raccoon hunt dates are Oct. 4 – last day in February. Season closed Oct 4-7, Oct. 11-25, Oct. 27-Nov. 1, Dec. 1-21 in all bear reserves.
  • Page 77- The Chuck Swan WMA raccoon hunt season dates are Dec. 15-21, rather than Dec. 15-24.

These errors have been corrected in the online version of the 2019-20 Tennessee Hunting & Trapping Guide, but hunters should make note of the misinformation if using a printed copy. The online guide is at

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