Cherokee County man shares video of bear in back yard

Image taken from video by viewer Carl Ray.

This year, we have been warning you that area bears may be feeling more comfortable wandering around human habitations.

A man in Cherokee County has sent us the latest proof of that. Watch below:

NewsChannel 9 viewer Carl Ray shared video of a bear wandering in his back yard late Sunday and early Monday. He captured the bear on his security video camera.

Ray tells us it's the first time he's seen a bear get this close to his house, and says several of his neighbors report seeing the bear, too.

According to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Black Bear Coordinator Dan Gibbs, many reports of bear sightings are circulating around East Tennessee, and western North Carolina should be considered part of the "bear zone," too.

He said increased activity should be expected this time of year, as it is the season when they’ve emerged from their winter dens and are in search of food to replenish their energy and fatten back up.

Gibbs says in most cases bears are attracted to homes by food.... either garbage cans, dog food left outdoors or even bird feeders. Gibbs said simple things such as removing bird feeders, outdoor pet foods or keeping trash secured in a bear resistant container will keep the bear moving. He says once the bear has moved on to a new location, getting back to normal will probably be fine.

Read more about bears in Tennessee here.

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