Another Marion Co. resident captures bear on video

Photo by NewsChannel 9 viewer Cristy Phillips

You might say "'tis the season.."

For the second time in a week, a viewer from Marion County has shared video of a bear with NewsChannel 9.

Watch the video we shared earlier this week of a bear spotted near Kimball here.

Now, viewer Cristy Phillips has another video to share.

Watch below:

Phillips tells us she took the video on Tuesday night, a little after 6 p.m. local time, in the Whiteside community, which is near the Tennessee-Georgia state line at the foot of Aetna Mountain.

She says the video shows her bear in her back yard. She says she first spotted the bear in her front yard, when they were walking their puppies.

She says the bear spotted the humans and the dogs, and ran around the side of the house and to the back yard, where it eventually ambled off into the woods.

Phillips, a lifelong Marion County resident, said she reacted in disbelief, and says it's the first time in her entire life she's seen a bear.

Earlier this month we told you about an up close encounter a couple had with a black bear on Lookout Mountain in Dade County back on June 3rd.

Our resident Outdoors expert Richard Simms tells NewsChannel 9, "The black bear population has been increasing significantly in Tennessee and North Georgia for several years. Biologists have predicted that folks are likely to see black bears more and more frequently in areas where they may have never been seen before. It's especially common this time of year as young male bears who have been chased off by their mothers are roaming far and wide in search of new territory they can call their own. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred there is no reason to fear them. Except for sows protecting clubs, black bears are seldom aggressive. But you never want to test fate. Steer clear and likely they will move along on their own."

If you see a bear nearby, wildlife officials urge that you immediately get to a safe place. Walk slowly backward, keeping your eye on the bear at all times. Do not pull out your phone to take a video until you are certain you're in a safe place.

Check out more local "backyard bears," featuring footage taken recently in Ringgold and Murray County, Georgia.

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