Dawgs well aware of victory drought in Jacksonville

An aerial view of Everbank Field in Jacksonville, Fl. The Bulldogs haven't defeated the Gators there since 2013. PHOTO:

Georgia coach Kirby Smart grabbed his players attention Monday with one simple question.

He asked them to stand if they had beaten Florida.

Hardly anyone moved.

2013 was the Dawgs last victory in Jacksonville.

The players spoke about the importance of this year.

The question impacted senior tight end Jeb Blazevich, "You hit the nail on the head, this is something where, obviously, this is a special season. But this is something where we finally have another opportunity to beat the guys which I haven't been able to do in my career yet. So this is something where we've got nothing to lose,"

He was not alone in that sentiment, especially among the seniors who have one last shot.

Senior defensive back Aaron Davis put it like this, "I'm sure it's something guys can use to channel as far as we haven't beat them or I haven't beat them since I've been here, been a part of the actual plan. So, you can use that to channel some energy, as far as motivation."

Senior nose guard Jonathan Atkins saw the battle happening before the game. Atkins said, "We gotta attack this week as a whole. Like Coach Smart says it's a work week because we can't let Florida beat us throughout the week on like Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays."

The game will be broadcast on CBS as the SEC game of the week.

Kickoff is expected to happen at about 3:39.

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