McGowan brothers abilities on and off the field, saving parents a fortune

Kyric and Kolby McGowan both land scholarships to prestigious universities. Images Courtesy: Kolby McGowan

The McGowan brothers played football at separate local high schools.

Kyric is older and mentors Kolby.

Both will get world class educations and save their parents hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kyric McGowan spent last fall making plays for the prestigious Northwestern University.

Last season, the wide receiver played for Dalton High School.

His younger brother Kolby, who's about to graduate Notre Dame High school, will sign with the Ivy League's Cornell University to play defensive back.

Kolby's well aware of the savings to his family. "So like the full tuition was like $71,000 and they were giving us $70,000."

His father Kevin McGowan is quite relieved. "A lot of money, a lot of money I don't have," the father said.

His mother, Syletta Broadnax, said the savings and the quality of a Cornell education has left quite the impression. "I'm overjoyed, I'm excited. Ecstatic. I believe blessings come from above."

Kolby's grandmother, Sarah Broadnax, can't contain her enthusiasm. " Very proud. this is my first grandchild to go to college, so I'm excited," she said.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to Kyric by Skype. Kyric said, "I know he looks up to me. I knew coming along in this whole recruiting proces, I needed to set a good example for him."

Kolby thinks highly of his older brother and the things he does for him. "He helps me out a lot. He gives me a lot of wisdom, just a lot of tips about when I get ready to go to college."

Number one would be time management, especially at an Ivy League school.

Kolby pulled down a 3.85 GPA at Notre Dame. Their father, Kevin McGowan, said sometimes he has to pinch himself, especially when he's watching Kyric playing a Big Ten game. "It's still sometimes hard to believe that having two kids at these prestigious schools."

Like brothers, the competition between the two is strong.

Had to ask, who's the best? Kyric's response, "Me, I'm taking that advantage. I'm taking that one on every day." Kolby's answer, "Personally, I think I'm better," he said with a chuckle.

One thing is certain, the bond between these brothers can't be broken. Kyric said he wants to catch his younger brother playing, "I'm going to try my best, if I ever get a bye week and he's got a home game or something or a game over my way to make that game."

For each brother, academics comes first. Kolby's grandmother, a retired educator herself, puts an unquestionable explanation behind that characteristic, "In sports, you can fall and break a leg and if you don't have that education, what you going to do?"

Kolby comes from a long line of educators on his mother's side. He said Notre Dame coach Charlie Fant taught him how to be a man on and off the field.

It's clear academics and athletics have the McGowan brothers poised for success.

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