The Price of Freedom: 81-year-old Riding His Bicycle Across Southern United States

More than 3625 miles on a bicycle.

81-year-old Tom Cawood is starting in San Diego in the middle of August and riding across the southern United States on his bicycle. {}He will finish in St. Augustine, Florida.

"We've been doing twenty to thirty miles a day," Cawood said.{}{}Tom's goal is to average sixty miles a day.

"We want to dip our rear wheel in the Pacific, and the front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean," Tom said.

Tom's wife Pat will follow him an RV and will ride with him when she can.

This trip isn't just about crossing a goal off their list the Cawood€™s want to help people in the process.

"The first one is to bring awareness and support to our disabled American Veterans," Pat Cawood said. {}"Our family has generations of military tradition."

Pat's father served in the Navy for twenty-seven years, and Tom was in the military in the 1950's. {}The Cawood's have a son in the Army, and a son who served in the Marines before he passed away. {}They also have two grand-children who served.

The DAV is just one charity they're working with. {}They are also working with Livestrong at the YMCA, and a mission program called Send North America. {}There is more information about these charities on their Facebook page.

{}By Josh Roe

For more information visit their Facebook at {}Page Pedaling for a Purpose.{}
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