Lee's Story

I was adopted as a kid because my real mom and step-dad abused me before the age of three. What they did was extensive: my step-dad tied a rope around my neck and drug me behind a tractor because he got mad at me; they also would tie me to the bed for days on end and not even feed me or let me go to the bathroom; and they tied me to a cinder block out in the yard. I can remember the house we lived in. It was on a little hill and backed up to a point. The point went from four feet down to nothing and I would crawl under there so they couldn't get me. The memories of this stayed with me through my teen years and even into my adulthood.

The way I would deal with the pain of my past was to get high. The higher I was the better because I didn't think about my past. I would dream about someone chasing me and wake up terrified. So I kept doing more and more drugs and I even tried to kill myself two times by trying to overdose. Then one day I met Lisa and began a relationship with her. At first things were good. Then the verbal abuse started (because she drank). I thought this was the best I could do - that this was what I deserved.

I was with her for a little over ten years, and in those ten years she tried to kill me three times. She would get drunk and get mad at me. She tried to shoot me, stab me, and even run me over with our car. And all that time I stayed with her because I thought it was what I deserved. About eight years ago, we had my baby girl. I thought I wouldn't be able to get custody of her, so I stayed to keep her safe. But Lisa tried to have me put in jail so I would have to pay child support. Then around that same time, we had not been sending my daughter and her step-sister to school, so child services came. I told the man if he would let me keep my daughter, I would go wherever he said for me to go.

I had been taking my daughter to my home church where my family went. The pastor told me about Teen Challenge and I said "sign me up!" The Neeses are the ones who adopted me and raised me up as their own and God just keeps opening doors for me since I came to Teen Challenge. He gave me my family back who love me and back me 100%. My daughter loves me even more now, and he put a God fearing man in my life to be my accountability partner.

God has blessed me so much. The devil had me for 40 years, but God has the rest of my life. He changed me from head to toe. He healed my body, mind, and spirit. Since I came to Teen Challenge, I now have forgiven my birth mom and step-dad for the things they did and I have even forgiven my baby's mom for what she did.

-Lee Neese

Teen Challenge provides an effective and comprehensive faith based solution to drug and alcohol addiction as well as other life-controlling problems. They teach how to live a life to the point where you can function as a contributing citizen in society by applying biblically motivated principles to your lives, relationships in the family, the local church, chosen vocation, and the community. For more information, visit www.teen-challenge.com.

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