USDA Allowing Lunches Kids Will Eat

As of today, school lunches are getting meatier.
The U-S-D-A made the announcement after recent reports of students going hungry. Healthier student lunches were leaving taste buds - and stomachs - wanting more.

We first told you about it last week, in our latest Waste Watch segment.

At that time, we showed you entrees that were half eaten, and whole vegetables and fruit that were tossed out in the school lunches, that ended up in the garbage cans of school cafeterias in Hamilton County.

The cans were full, leaving empty stomachs at lunch.

The U-S-D-A's original guidelines were intended to tackle rising childhood obesity levels. First Lady Michelle Obama urged on the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Last week, Hamilton County Schools' Nutrition Director Carolyn Childs told us "the new rules may look like good nutrition on paper and everything according to plan, but if the children are not eating it, it's not going to do anything for them."

Students complained, along with school administrators, as you saw last week, with parents finally joining in.

Calorie limits are still in place, but today's NEW rules let school lunch planners use as many grains and as much meat as they want.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack sent a letter to Congress on Friday outlining the new rules.

USDA administrators hope the new regulations will allow more time for schools to develop products that fit within the original standards.

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