Marion County Audit Finds County Employee Profiting on Taxpayer Time

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The Tennessee Comptroller's annual audit of Marion County government found that one county employee was being paid by private businesses while working on government time.

Auditors found that a deputy clerk in the Circuit and General Sessions Courts Clerk office was personally paid by five different companies to run background checks.

Auditors determined the deputy clerk performed some of this work during business hours and was paid at least $36,617 over a five year period.

A similar issue was also noted in Bledsoe County's fiscal year 2015 audit. This deficiency has been reviewed with the district attorney general.

The Tennessee Comptroller says Marion County's audit identified a total of 10 areas of concern, many of them related to financial operations.

Five of the ten findings were also noted in last year's report, but had not been corrected.

Auditors examined the county's operations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015 and found several issues spread across multiple county departments and offices.

Some of the repeat issues included multiple employees using the same cash drawer, not depositing funds within three days, and failing to separate financial responsibilities between more than one person.

The Comptroller's audit report also includes recommendations to address each of the findings.

"Unfortunately, multiple counties have now had issues with employees being paid to do background checks while on taxpayer time," Comptroller Justin P. Wilson said. "This activity is not appropriate and must be corrected. I am also particularly concerned when I see half of a county government's findings come from repeat issues."

Read the full audit:

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