Video: Cat trapped in pipe for 4 days rescued in Rossville, Ga.

Brad and John both work to free the cat from a very tight spot. (Image: WTVC)

We were at the scene as a cat was rescued from a drain pipe after being stuck for several days.

It happened outside of a home in Rossville. Brad Singleton and Jon Cable with Anderson Gutter and Tree Service worked for more than an hour to free the cat.

"The will to live was really coming out so that was a good sign," Singleton said. "A lot of times they can be really dehydrated and malnourished, but it seemed to be really strong."

Thousands of people have seen the Facebook live video of the rescue happening Thursday afternoon.

It was a tricky operation.

Anderson crews used a skidloader to lift the heavy stone retaining wall, but that only revealed the cat was in an even tighter spot, the inside of a corrugated plastic drainpipe.

They had done plenty of tree rescues before, but never one quite like this. They grabbed a knife and other tools to cut through the pipe.

"We've never had to use a bobcat to lift a huge block and then have to cut open a pipe," Cable said. "It's just really touching to have a part in this."

After working painstakingly for about 30 minutes, crews finally retrieved the cat from the pipe. We were live on the air when the magic moment happened:

It didn't appear to be severely hurt. The cat was given food and taken to McKamey Animal Center. Workers there found a chip and are attempting to reach the owner. If the owner does not claim the cat, our own Kayla Strayer plans to take it home to be a sister to her rescue dog Scarlet.

"I hope it has a good home, good life, no more holes," Singleton said.

Many viewers already speculated on names for the cat, including "Jessica," in honor of the girl trapped in a well in 1987 that transfixed the nation, "Drano," and "Brad," after the cat's hero rescuer.

Kayla had a second phone, and was able to go live again as Brad and John reflected on their unique day, and operation.

Julia Anderson saw news of the cat's plight on a Facebook neighborhood group. She stood by during the rescue with a crate and food, then paid more than $500 to the tree service crews. She runs the animal rescue group Bow Wow Meow.

"If I don't do it the animals are going to die," Anderson said. "God makes it all possible."

She estimates she has helped rescue a couple of thousand animals over the years, but never one like this.

If you would like to donate to the group call 423-667-5300.

We took the cat to the McKamey Animal Center and learned its gender:

Kayla ended up adopting the cat, naming her 'Mira,' short for "miracle:"

Depend on us to keep you posted on the cat's status.

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