Virginia Beach woman finds hook inside tampon

(Harmony Grant Facebook Page)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WSET) -- A woman in Virginia Beach noticed a black dot on the outside of a just-opened tampon.

On further inspection, 22 year old Harmony Grant found something else according to WVEC.

“I couldn’t even tell what it was until I picked at it, and opened up a hook,” said Grant.

Her Playtex Simple Gentle Glide tampon contained what appeared to be sharp metal coiled in plastic.

“I was utterly shocked that there was a hook sticking out of a tampon,” said Grant.

Now, she is warning other women about the dangers of using these products, posting about her dangerous discovery on social media.

Grant also reached out to Edgewell Personal Care, the company in charge of making the Playtex Tampons. They responded to her email, apologizing for her experience and offering her a total refund of $7.

Grant said the response is unacceptable and doesn't think it's appropriate given the situation.

“It was like, completely unacceptable,” said Grant. “I kind of felt like they brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal. I could have seriously been injured.”

A spokesperson for Edgewell Personal Care responded to a news station who reached out saying:

Once we receive the necessary information we will be able to fully evaluate all details of this report. In the meantime, this one isolated case does not affect other Playtex tampon products, which remain safe to use. The health and safety of the women who use our products is a top priority for Edgewell Personal Care.

Grant said she had used almost the entire box before discovering the hook, now she said she is refusing to use any tampons, no matter what brand.

“Honestly, I’m just traumatized about the whole situation. That could've been potentially very harmful to me, and I just want other women to know things like this are happening.”

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