Owners charged after starving, tied up Great Dane chewed off own foot

Noah's Arks Rescue

Two have been charged in South Carolina after their Great Dane chewed off his own foot after being left tied up for weeks without food or water.

Owners Jessica James, 32, and Skylar Craft, 38, have been charged with ill treatment of animals.

The dog was rescued in Ware Shoals, South Carolina, on Nov. 19 after a neighbor notified police that it had chewed off his foot, said Noah’s Arks Rescue, who has been taking care of the 6-year-old Great Dane named Luke since his rescue from his owners.

Due to an infection that appears to have invaded his bone, Luke will also have the leg of his chewed off foot amputated Tuesday, Noah’s Arks Rescue said.

“Poor Luke has got to be one of the saddest cases we have had in a long time,” Noah’s Ark Rescue said on Dec. 2. “All of the pups we save are sad and desperate but his reaches down into your Soul.

“Luke was so distraught and scared that I decided we needed to go ahead and get him out of the Hospital for a couple of days to get him settled down. The good news is within a couple of hours of being with us at the Rehab Center, he began to relax and was no longer fearful.”

At the time of a Nov. 26 update post, Noah’s Arks Rescue said Luke weighed only 70 pounds when he should weigh close to 140.

Overall, Luke’s issues are believed to be from his starvation; an intestinal biopsy did not show any cancer.

For more information on Luke and/or to make a donation to Noah’s Arks, visit here.

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