Land mass pops up on Lake Ontario, causing fascination, concerns for neighbors

(WHAM photo)

GREECE, NY (WHAM) - An unusual sight has cropped up in Lake Ontario.

As the Miller family approaches it, even they can't believe what they're seeing.

"I didn't know what to think about it, but it's crazy to see it up close now," said Matt Miller.

He's talking about a large chunk of land that has been spotted floating around Lake Ontario.

As he and his father, Jeff, and their friend, Corey Lewis, toured the lake by boat Wednesday, they wondered the same thing: Where did it come from?

They offered up a theory that the land broke off from a grassy area off Braddock Bay. The high lake levels and northern winds, they think, knocked it loose.

They've seen small pieces float by before, but nothing quite like this.

"I've never seen anything near that big," said Jeff Miller.

"It was like a floating island going past the houses, down the road," said Lillian Melich. She lives on Ontario Boulevard and says people have been stopping by to get a closer look at it.

"All the neighbors are just taking pictures," she says.

Miller says it's fascinating, but also fears it could be dangerous for boaters - especially at night when they wouldn't be able to see it. He says after the flooding they've had, this is just another bizarre twist on the summer they've been having.

"The high water has had a few impacts on life here," he said. "The floating island was just another one."

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