Company in Kentucky makes slippers to look just like your pet

Photo Credit: Cuddle Clones

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WSET) -- One company in Kentucky is now offering slippers that look just like your dog or cat, and pet-lovers are thrilled.

Cuddle Clones "recognizes the unbreakable bond pet moms and dads have with their fur-children" and recreates that connection with handmade model of your pet!

The company strives to capture everything that makes your pet unique and recreate it in a plush replica.

Cuddle Clones also partners with, which means every purchase provides 3 meals and a toy to a shelter pet.

You can own your very own pair of clone slippers for $199 and they are 100 percent handmade.

They also offer plush stuffed animals, golf club head-covers, holiday stockings, purses as well as other pet-inspired gifts.

Reviews on their website show a total of 4.93 stars out of 5!

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