California family says delivery driver takes sip from milkshake

(Photo: 209 Times)

STOCKTON, Calif. (SBG) - A shocked California family claimed a DoorDash delivery driver took a sip from a milkshake they ordered, KTXL reported.

According to the report, the family didn't realize the disturbing incident took place until the next day when they viewed surveillance from a doorbell camera. They say their 14-year-old son had already drank the milkshake but didn't get sick.

"I looked at it, 'Hey, the guy who delivered the food was sipping out of my son’s Cold Stone,'" homeowner Rajesh Malhotra told the news outlet.

The family claimed they reported the incident to DoorDash, but two weeks later had not heard back. Now, the family says all they want from DoorDash is an apology and for their staff to receive better training, according to KTXL.

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