Chattanooga firefighters scale building on UTC campus, training for rescue operations

This view from our NewsChannel 9 SkyView camera shows firefighters scaling a building on UTC's campus as they train for rescue operations.

The Chattanooga Fire Department is training for team rescuing exercises on UTC's campus.

Our NewsChannel 9 SkyView camera captured firefighters practicing drills Wednesday.

Some firefighters training are members of Tennessee Task Force Two - a group of emergency response experts in the Urban Search and Rescue Network.

They're an organization that can be deployed anywhere in the world for disaster response. These firefighters are working to be a part of that effort.

"We have cell phone towers going up and water towers. In the potential that we would have anyone up there, we're practicing removing anyone off of the elevated position to the ground," said CFD Special Operations Chief Daniel Hague.

The fire department says more than a dozen firefighters were climbing 70 feet tall buildings today.

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