Chattanooga PD wins big in 2019 EMS Week Bass Tournament at Chester Frost Park

Image: WTVC

UPDATE (Monday evening):

The Chattanooga Police Department won big at the 2019 EMS Week Bass Tournament held at Chester Frost Park Monday morning, taking home both first place and big fish trophies.

The Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management released the top 15 results for its 9th annual tournament Monday evening:

  • 1st Place: Jamie Willis and Chris Coffey : 22.29 pds.
  • BIG FISH WINNER: 6.10 pds
  • 2nd Place: Robert Stevenson and Jim Bullman: 16.09 pds.
  • 3rd Place: James Burkhart and Tyler Ezell: 15.40 pds.
  • 4th Place: Brett Taylor and Chris Mason: 14.88 pds.
  • 5th Place: Dan Broom and Terry Cater: 14.77 pds.
  • 6th Place: Matt Moore and Jake Akin: 14.52 pds.
  • 7th Place: Michelle Travis and James Campbell: 13.89 pds.
  • 8th Place: Josh Lewey and Kyle Duggan: 13.71 pds.
  • 9th Place: Chad Regal and Amber Regal: 13.29 pds.
  • 10th Place: David Ashley and Phil Shinholser: 13.06 pds.
  • 11th Place: Anthony Nash and Matt Stanley: 12.65 pds.
  • 12th Place: Justin Dexter and Matt Jenkins: 12.21 pds.
  • 13th Place: Ken Hartman and Chad Hartman: 12.17 pds.
  • 14th Place: Kevin Gibecke and Read Walden: 11.96 pds.
  • 15th Place: Ben Bradley and Nick Pratt: 11.86 pds.

The money used for entry fees goes to a good cause - they donate it to The Forgotten Child Fund and paramedic students.

Dan Maxwell says they see participants from all over the Southeast. "Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas, even Kentucky, Florida. So the word has gotten out and we've grown a little bit each year."

Maxwell says 104 first responders entered this year's contest.

Watch our SkyCam coverage of the tournament kickoff above.


National EMS Week is from May 19th to May 25th, 2019.

In Chattanooga Monday morning, the 8th annual EMS Week Bass Tournament got underway at Chester Frost Park.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Firefighters, Police Officers and Hospital personnel throughout the Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina area are joining forces to support the SEEMSDA Paramedic Scholarship Program and a local charity, The Forgotten Child Fund, to fish the Chickamauga Lake in search of the "biggest fish" and overall weight of their five best fish.

Since 2011, The EMS Week Bass Tournament has provided funding for 14 college students pursuing a career in EMS and donated over $3,200 to the Chattanooga Forgotten Child Fund

Watch our SkyCam coverage of the tournament kickoff above.

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