Ocoee residents turn to another post office for mail service

The view of the post office damage from our NewsChannel 9 SkyCam.

This post office is on Ocoee, TN is now gone but the mail is still being delivered.

Residents have been picking up their mail from the Benton Post Office. While some are still in shock about these storms coming in our area and creating so much damage, many say they are happy to have access to their mail.

"I have a car to drive, its not too bad for me," said Ocoee resident Lydia Nail. "It's not like walking next door to get your mail, but I'm gonna be fine."

Nail’s home was walking distance away from the Ocoee Post Office. Like most residents in Ocoee, Nail was always picking up her mail from the city’s post office. Now, she is driving 10 minutes to the Benton location.

"I don’t like it," she said. "I'm moving over to my son's house and I might put up a mailbox."

The Benton location has designated a wall of their P.O. Boxes for Ocoee residents and those workers will now be working out of the Benton office as well.

Despite having to visit another office farther away, residents say the workers at the Benton Office have helped make the adjustment easier.

"The first day when I came up here, it [the mail] wasn’t in boxes yet," said Nail. "But they had my mail. They’ve done real good."

USPS said if any customers know they are missing a package, they can file an insurance claim with their tracking number. According to the Postal Service, there are 637 rural deliveries and 185 P.O. box deliveries in Ocoee.

If you would like the Benton Office to hold mail for you, you can access their website and make a hold request.

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