City officials offer progress report on Miller Park renovations

Image: WTVC SkyCam

We’re getting a new perspective this week on the Miller Park construction in downtown Chattanooga.

Our NewsChannel 9 SkyCam shows us there’s a long road ahead but progress is being made.

On Wednesday reporter Allison Levine got an update on the project from Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke.

Berke says the project, which costs a little more than $10 million, is meant to invigorate the Scenic City, providing an open space for people to come together.

But critics see the construction as a way to push Chattanooga’s homeless out of an area that was once a popular hangout.

Mayor Berke says it’s quite the opposite.

"We want a park that;s open for everybody. That includes the people who were there before and the entirety of our city. Part of what we have to do is make sure there are activities for everyone in the city," Berke said.

Next week, the city will reopen ML King Boulevard from Market Street to Lindsay Aenue. At the same time, they’ll close Georgia Avenue from MLK to Patten Parkway.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

Watch Allison Levine's live report in our Midday newscast below:

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