Disturbing video shows alleged bully punch a student riding the school bus

Video shows alleged bully punch student on school bus (Provided by family)

Disturbing cellphone video shows an alleged bullying incident on a Texas school bus bus.

"I see him wanting them to leave him alone,” said Alicia Santana, the mother of a boy punched on camera.

Alicia tells us she can’t watch the recording without crying. The video, taken by another student, shows her 12-year-old son Adam get punched in the face by a high schooler. Alicia says that Adam, a Somerset Independent School District student, is autistic.

“I see that kid hit my son,” said Alicia. “All of the other kids laughed. My heart broke."

Photos taken after the incident reveal just how swollen Adam’s face got from the punch.

"That's my baby,” said Alicia. “If they don't care about him enough to stand up for him, then something needs to be done.”

“We were shocked when we saw this,” said Maury Vasquez a spokesperson from Somerset ISD.

Vasquez agreed to meet with us on Thursday to discuss the incident.

"Is there a bullying problem in Somerset?”, we asked Vasquez. “No,” he responded. “There is not an overwhelming bullying problem in Somerset any more than there is in any other district in Texas."

Vasquez says that the boys are now on separate buses, and that the alleged bully will face assault charges.

“He doesn't show a lot of emotion,” said Alicia referring to her son. “When I try to talk to him about it, he doesn't make eye contact. When are these kids going to understand, you need to step up for these kids that won't take care of themselves? It's not okay."

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