VIDEO: Lobstermen rescue one-eyed bald eagle struggling in the ocean

(Courtesy: CNN Newsource/John Chipman Jr.)

GOULDSBORO, ME (WSYX/WTTE) -- Two Maine lobstermen got the experience of a lifetime as they rescued a bald eagle swimming for its life off the coast.

The incident happened near Acadia National Park as they spotted the one-eyed bird in distress.

John Chipman Jr. said he and a colleague inched toward the eagle, which unsuccessfully tried to get on top of a lobster buoy, but wasn't able to maintain its balance. They then created a raft from a lifesaver and plywood, which the eagle hopped on as they brought aboard their boat.

The lobstermen said they were planning on taking the bird to wildlife services, but as they headed toward the harbor, it regained its strength and flew away.

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