Tipster befriended teacher before calling authorities, rescuing kidnapped teen

(Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office)

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif. - The man who called police after recognizing a teacher on the run with his student said something just didn't feel right.

Speaking to KDRV, Griffin Barry - a Tennessee student living in California - said he recognized Tad Cummins.

"I was like that girl wont look at me or whatever and we are so far out here and someone showed me a picture and I was like that is definitely the guy and called 911 last night."

Cummins,50, is accused of kidnapping a former student.

The 15-year-old girl was found safe, and is expected to be reunited with family members.

The pair, which led authorities on a manhunt lasting 6 weeks, had stopped at a gas station and asked Barry for a place to stay in rural northern California Wednesday.

CNN reported the girl would not speak directly to anyone, only addressing people through Cummins.

Once contacted, Siskiyou County deputies decided to set up surveillance and trap the 50-year-old to avoid a hostage situation.

The former teacher was taken into custody with no incident Thursday.

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