Metro Police: Nashville man accused of crashing into pole blames nonexistent 'friend'

Metro Police

A Nashville man is accused of crashing into a pole while intoxicated and blaming his imaginary friend for the accident.

John Couch, 26, was charged with driving under the influence on Friday, according to a Metro Police affidavit.

Couch was spotted standing by a liquor store in front of the intersection of Charlotte Avenue and Morrow Road.

Police were called by a worker at Neighbor's Bar & Grill on 4425 Murphy Road who claimed that a man matching Couch's description was driving while intoxicated.

The witness also provided a license plate number that matched Couch's vehicle.

When asked about the accident by police, Couch said that his friend was driving the vehicle and fled the scene, but didn't provide any information about the supposed friend.

Couch refused to perform all of the standard field sobriety tests when asked, as well as implied consent when it was read to him.

Police said that Couch also resisted arrest and had to have two officers force him into the patrol vehicle.

This was a first-time DUI offense, according to the affidavit.

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