'Our hero saved 5 lives': Family shares video of teen's 'honor walk' before organ donation

'Our hero saved 5 lives'- Family shares video of teen's 'honor walk' before organ Donation (Courtesy: Joann Bogard/Indiana Donor Network via Storyful)

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (STORYFUL) –The family of an Indiana teen who was critically injured doing a viral social media “choking” challenge was honored by his family and hospital staff on May 6, before he was taken into surgery to donate his organs.

Joann Jackson Bogard, the mother of the teen, Mason Bogard, said on Facebook that her son had tried to choke himself “to the point of almost passing out” after seeing the challenge on social media. She said staff at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Indiana had done everything in their power to bring Mason back, but they were unable to do so, so they went on the consider organ donation.

“While we are devastated that we will never experience so many things with Mason again, we are able to find some comfort in the fact that Mason will save the lives of others,” she wrote.

This video, shot by an Indiana Donor Network representative on behalf of the Bogard family, shows Mason being wheeled through hospital corridors for what Joann called an “honor walk” before going into the operating theater. “Our hero saved 5 lives!” she wrote alongside the video.

Joann said in another post that Deaconess Hospital flew a “donor flag” outside the hospital for three days in Mason’s honor.

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