CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods says company destroyed $5M worth of assault-style rifles

PHOTO: Dick's Sporting Goods, Photo Date: 7/27/14. (Photo: Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0)

Dick's Sporting Goods chose to destroy $5 million worth of assault-style rifles.

CEO Ed Stack made the decision to stop selling them in 2018 just after the Parkland massacre.

In a new interview with CBS, he says the assault-style rifles left in stock were turned into scrap metal. He also ended all firearm sales to anyone under 21.

Stack says it was the Parkland massacre that struck a nerve when he found out a small detail: the suspected gunman had bought a gun from Dick's Sporting Goods.

It wasn't the firearm used in the shooting, but for Stack that was enough to make a change.

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