Caught in the crossfire: Innocent 17-year-old set to start college now fights for life

Caught in the crossfire: Innocent 17-year-old set to start college now fights for life. (ABC7)

“I’ve been crying all day,” said Detrea Roberson.

“I was very saddened,” Kiah Lewis said.

“Heartsick heartbroken, you name it. It’s like my own child,” Michael Bell said.

They’re talking about their loved one who’s fighting for her life at Medstar Medical Center in critical condition.

The victim of a senseless shooting, the 17-year-old was driving her white car when she was hit in the head.

It happened Thursday afternoon at corner of Montana and Saratoga avenues.

“It appears she is completely innocent and caught in the crossfire,” Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham explained.

Her family friends are still struggling to come to grips with what happened. They told us she is a rising star who just graduated from Woodrow Wilson High where she was cheer captain and a member of the choir.

“It’s just heartbreaking. Here she is about to go to college,” Bell added.

We found out her first day at Florida A&M University was just 10 days away. Kiah Lewis was excited to be her schoolmate.

“She was going to major in journalism just like me so I am excited to mentor her,” Lewis said.

DC Police arrested Philip McDaniel of Northeast DC for the crime, but detectives are still looking for two more men. In the meantime…

“We can just pray for her. And hopefully she comes out of this,” Bell said.

A man was also hit by the gunfire and is expected to live.

The Chief said the neighbors have been helpful and is confident the tips they’re getting will continue to come in.

For privacy reasons, ABC7 is not identifying the victim in this story.

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