Women marching on Chattanooga call on President Trump for change

Thousands of women came to Coolidge Park for the annual "Women's March."

Thousands of women came to Coolidge Park for the annual "Women's March."

Melba Gandy was one of those women, she was also a White House employee during the Johnson administration.

"I never thought he would win," she says of President Trump, "but now we are seeing to see the regulations of our national parks being taken back.... to see the reduction of our land in our national parks ... these are our heritage these are the things that make America America."

When it comes to what Trump can do during his time, she says she wants policies that are fair to all.

"I would like to see the immigrants taken care of in a humane way." When referencing the idea of building a wall, Gandy says it is ridiculous.

"It is insanity for us to spend our money that way when we have poor people and people who need things."

Another woman marching was 15 year old Anyang Ayai. As a Nigerian immigrant she came to the United States at just 7 years old.

Despite being a documented legal citizen she says that the current climate in America has led her being treated differently.

"It makes me sad for the amount of discrimination there is for immigrants. " she says, ultimately everybody in this country unless you are Native American is an immigrant."

"It is hurtful , it is hurtful to know that people look at me and say I am an immigrant so I don't deserve a lot of this," says Ayai, "as an immigrant as a black woman, as a woman in general i have so much to fight for."

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