Woman charged in Chattanooga with leaving disabled adult naked, crawling with roaches

Images: Hamilton Co. Jail/MGN

Chattanooga Police have arrested and charged a woman with willful abuse or neglect of an impaired adult, almost two years to the day after police say the crime was discovered.

Authorities arrested 55-year-old Erica Watson during a traffic stop Tuesday night, after learning of a warrant for her arrest.

A police report obtained by NewsChannel 9 says an officer was called to Mary Walker Place to a medical call on June 16th, 2016.

The investigating officer reported finding the victim naked and on the floor, with roaches crawling all over her. She had apparently fallen, and injured her knee during the fall, according to the report.

The officer says he contacted the woman's caregiver - later identified as Watson - and said she "was indifferent about leaving work to look after her grandson," who was also at the same Mary Walker Place address.

The officer says the home the victim lived in was "extremely unsanitary and unlivable," according to the report. The report continues, "the home had a strong smell of wine and trash throughout the house. The area the victim was sleeping was extremely soiled."

The officer reported the home to the Code Enforcement Department, which took photos and later condemned the home.

The report concludes, "Def[endant] has neglected the care of the victim and the living conditions as the victim's caregiver."

On Tuesday, another arrest report says an officer stopped Watson for a broken headlight, and discovered the 2016 warrant for her arrest. She was then taken to the Hamilton County Jail.

Right now, we don't know the condition of the victim Watson is accused of abusing.

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