Witness describes moments Collegedale plane fell from the air

Collegedale Plane.png

Yesterday a plane crash at the Collegedale Airport killed one Ooltehwah man .

Morty Lloyd lives right behind the runway at the airport. A location he chose purposely, since is a pilot. He says many of his neighbors are pilots too. He says their neighborhood is called a "flying community."

Lloyd says while they don't get together to watch every plane take off, he and his pilot friends were watching the plane take off yesterday.

He says pointing to a chair on his porch, "I was sitting right here when it all unfolded."

He says he and his pilot neighbors knew something was wrong. He says, "We saw it and we stood up and we thought he was going to make the turn to land but he never did."

That was the moment he says the plane crashed.

Lloyd says, "It was very tragic to see it happen."

Llyod says he didn't know Gillisse but heard he was a veteran pilot.

Lloyd says, "He was with the builder. It was a home built aircraft but he was flying for the first time yesterday."

We won't know what led to the crash until the FAA and NTSB release reports. In the meantime...Lloyd and this flying community will mourn the loss of a fellow pilot.

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