'We're not going to stop': Group fights to allow pigs in Cleveland city limits

One Cleveland, Tenn. woman is fighting to keep her pet pot-bellied pig even though the city prohibits swine from living in the city. (WTVC)

A Cleveland woman and other supporters are continuing the fight to keep her beloved pet pig at her home in the city.

We first told you about Nugget, the pot belly pig last Friday.

The City of Cleveland prohibits people from keeping pigs in the city.

The ordinance allows all other farm animals inside city limits like cows, sheep, horses, goats and chickens, but excludes swine.

Nugget's owner Megan Anderson and a handful of people took their case to the Cleveland City Council Monday.

The group says this was all about voicing their concerns to council, hoping they would listen to their reasons why they want the city to rethink this ordinance.

Councilman Bill Estes promised the board will take a look, but he said it takes time and thought and the city can’t just change the rule overnight.

Megan says they are happy to hear from the council, but still feels overlooked.

"I keep pushing and we’re not going to stop," Anderson said.

Brittany Graves is Mrs. Tennessee Agriculture USA 2019 and was at Monday's meeting. She is one of many who plans to fight until there is change.

"Speaking from the pig community, a chance is better than a solid no, so I do think that there is hope and we really appreciate Mr. Estes for listening and giving us an open ear," said Graves.

They tell us their group has been fighting for a few years to get this fixed.

At the meeting, the council couldn’t find the exact date when this ordinance was passed. It has been in effect for decades.

Right now, Nugget is staying with a friend living outside city limits.

The group tells us animal control will take the pigs and bring them back to the shelter.

They say the rescuers have to pay an adoption fee to get them out.

Depend on us to keep you updated on this developing story.

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