'We were out of food' - Chattanoogans remember the Blizzard of '93

It's been 25 years since the Blizzard of '93. (Image: WTVC)

Monday marks 25 years since one of the worst winter storms the south has ever seen: The Blizzard of '93.

The storm killed 45 people from Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.

We asked Chattanoogans what they remember about the storm.

Michael Price was a teenager when the blizzard hit.

"I remember the day before it was sunny, it was nice, everyone was out and about doing their thing," Price said. "Everyone was like there's not going to be a blizzard there's no way."

And then it hit. Like millions of others, Michael's family lost power.

"We were out of food, we literally walked for about four or five miles to a gas station."

Ernie Phillips was headed up Interstate 75 from Atlanta when the snow started falling. He was stranded at a truck stop overnight.

"We didn't really have electricity for four days," Phillips said. "It was pretty miserable, the snow was nice but I had to hike from the Interstate where I left my car."

"It was so deep," Mary Chattin remembers.

Maria was a junior in high school at the time.

"Everybody was kind of trapped in their houses because of all the snow," Chattin said. "My dad was in the National Guard and I remember him being called out to help different places."

Part of that effort included restoring power to 3 million people.

Plus clearing trees and debris from roads and buildings.

Through all the bad of the storm, we saw the best in people.

From working as a team to push cars out of the snow, to lowering down food to stranded drivers.


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