UPDATE: Woman seen in viral video assaulting repo man in Chattanooga arrested

Images: From video by Cliff Phillips/Hamilton Co. Jail

UPDATE (November 27th):

The woman seen in a video smashing the car window of a tow truck driver has been captured.

The Hamilton County Jail website shows that the suspect in the case, 48-year-old Cathleen Reeves, was arrested on Tuesday.

Police say Reeves was upset that her car was being repossessed.

In the arrest report, officers say the driver of the tow truck shot video after Reeves tried to pull him out of the car and elbowed him in the face.

The separate video that went viral shows a person smashing the driver's side window with a baseball bat.

Police say the driver was inside, and suffered minor injuries from broken glass.

Reeves is charged with aggravated assault and vandalism/malicious mischief.

She was booked into the jail on a $10,000 bond.

Depend on us to bring you updates as we get them.


Chattanooga Police have a warrant out for a woman caught on a viral Facebook video assaulting a man who was trying to repossess her car.

You can see the woman continuing to swing the baseball bat inside the tow truck. The driver is inside pleading her to stop.

The incident happened Thursday afternoon, just before 4 p.m., at Forest Cove Apartments at 7715 Aspen Lodge Way.

Cliff Philips uploaded video of part of the incident on his Facebook page (WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS LANGUAGE SOME MAY FIND OFFENSIVE):


"That's a little out of hand. She could have killed him," said Barry Wade.

"I saw it last night when my boyfriend showed me. It's all over. It's super viral," said Kendall Miller.

The woman in the video got exactly what she demanded, according to Cliff Phillips who shot the viral video.

"She told him to drop it. He finally dropped it. She got in it and left," said Phillips.

Police say Jordan-Reeves convinced the truck driver to unhook her car. She drove off in the Nissan. Police haven’t caught her.

The police report says the tow truck driver told an officer he was there to possess a gray Nissan Altima on behalf of the finance company Santander Consumer USA. The officer confirmed from the driver he had a legitimate repossession order.

The driver told police that the owner of the Altima, later identified as Cathleen L. Jordan-Reeves, approached him while he was rigging the Altima to his tow truck.

The driver said Jordan-Reeves became irate, tried to pull him out of the vehicle, and struck him the face with her elbow, according to the police report. Police say when they arrived the driver’s face was bleeding.

The police report continues: "At this point, the driver retreated to the cab of his tow truck, fearing that Ms. Jordan-Reeves would assault him again. Ms. Jordan-Reeves continued to yell at him and demand that he unhook her vehicle. Ms. Jordan-Reeves retrieved a baseball bat from the trunk of her vehicle. Ms. Jordan-Reeves approached the driver-side of the tow truck and swung the baseball bat at the driver's door window, shattering it. The shattered glass hit the driver in the face which drew blood. Ms. Jordan-Reeves also caused damage to the driver's door frame. After the driver's door window was completely shattered, Ms. Jordan-Reeves also swung the bat inside the tow truck. The driver then succumbed to Ms. Jordan-Reeves' demand and unhooked the vehicle."

The report goes on to say Jordan-Reeves then fled the scene in the Altima. Witnesses who captured the scene on video showed the officer what they recorded, and the officer said the videos matched the driver's account.

Right now it's not clear how much damage was done to the tow truck.

Chattanooga Police then issued warrants for Jordan-Reeves for aggravated assault and vandalism charges.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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